Our lives are filled with special occasions. These occasions are personal experiences with unique meaning to each of us. At Countess Mara we believe that every occasion can be made more special with the right finishing touch. We build men’s apparel and accessories that express your mood, signal your individuality, and establish connection with others.

We built this site to celebrate the thousands of remarkable special occasion images our customers have shared with us, and to create a space where people can share their sense of occasion with others. Some photos include our products, and some do not. We built this site because feeling confident when you walk out the door could be the start of a very special occasion – and we don’t want to miss it.

The images we love best are shared by real people, like you - some are from professional photographers and hobbyists - most are uploaded by people with smartphones wishing to share their experience and point of view. There are images of birthdays, barbeques, ball games, bachelor parties, baby showers, board meetings, bonfires, bon voyages and beyond.

We may choose your posted images for inclusion in our national advertising – if we do so, we’ll ask for your permission, and we will provide credits as you indicate.

Keep sharing.

Countess Mara
For Every Occasion